Women's Legal Service Tasmania

about us, and what we do

About Us

Women’s Legal Service Tasmania is a community legal service funded by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department.  We operate a free and statewide service, with offices in Hobart, Burnie and Launceston.

From our office in Hobart we provide confidential and free legal advice and referral to women right across Tasmania through our telephone advice line. Our highly skilled legal staff are able to provide advice and referral on all legal matters including family law, family violence, civil and criminal law, as well as estate and property law. In addition to providing telephone advice, we are at times able to take on casework for clients throughout Tasmania who need representation with their legal matters.

Our Burnie office has been operational since April 2016 after Women’s Legal Service Tasmania was chosen to open a specialist family violence unit in the north-west of Tasmania as part of the Australian Government’s response to rising family violence in our communities.  Our Burnie office provides legal information, advice and support on any legal matter to those clients in the north-west of the state who are experiencing, or who have experienced, family violence.

Our Launceston office opened in March 2018, and is funded in part as an extension to our Burnie office and in part by the Tasmanian Government to provide advice and support to women in the north of the state who are experiencing, or who have experienced, family violence.  Women from northern Tasmania are able to contact our Launceston office to make a face-to-face appointment with one of our solicitors.

Women’s Legal Service Tasmania are also able to provide community legal education sessions and workshops throughout the Tasmanian community.  We produce legal information publications such as brochures, booklets, factsheets, and websites, and strive to make the legal system more accessible and responsive to the issues affecting women through our law reform work.

Women’s Legal Service is managed and staffed by women who are sensitive to the diverse needs of individual women and groups within the Tasmanian community.  For legal advice or assistance, you can contact us through our telephone advice line, or by calling our Burnie office directly if you are in north-west Tasmania, or our Launceston office in the north-east.  For all other information or enquiries, please call our Hobart office.