NOTE: This podcast discusses family violence which may be triggering for some listeners. It also contains legal information which is not intended as legal advice.

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Season 1

Episode Description

Get ready for a six-episode podcast that may make you uncomfortable but will definitely prepare you to get the best from the legal system we’ve got.

The podcast is a collaboration between Women’s Legal Service Tasmania and Healthy Tasmania providing up-to-date information for women navigating the legal aspects of family violence and separation in a conversational way.

Containing candid conversations with lawyers and people with lived experience and with community who have intervened where they have seen abuse, the series illustrates the barriers facing women and steps them through the process. The podcasts also improves community awareness about what family violence looks like and what you can do.

Season 2

Episode Description

If you feel helpless when you hear the statistics about intimate partner violence or aren’t confident you’d recognise or know how to support someone experiencing family violence then get ready for Season Two of Rule of Thumb. Our second season is like a practical guide of things to notice, say and do every day that WILL reduce the prevalence of family violence. Over eight episodes you’ll learn about the many different types of abuse, you’ll understand how we become bystanders (often unknowingly), and what we can do to notice and take effective bystander action, ultimately “training family violence” out of our communities. There will be parts of this season that will be uncomfortable to listen to because family violence is an uncomfortable problem that’s been kept hidden for too long.See for privacy information.

Season 3

Episode Description

Could you confidently say what sort of behaviour is or isn’t sexual harassment? Is it touching? Innuendo? Banter? What about an email?

Plus, would you do anything about it? Yeah, it’s tricky. That’s why Rule of Thumb is coming back for Season Three – so we can all better understand the law, the stories, the impacts, the consequences, the systems, and the solutions. Penny Terry brings you stories from women who’ve been through it, lawyers who work on the cases, and ideas from a whole list of others who are keen to see change happen quickly.