Community Legal Education with Women’s Legal Service

With the Christmas break approaching, now is the time to start planning for the New Year.
Women’s Legal Service offers a range of Community Legal Education sessions that can assist both your staff, your clients or your community group.

We can travel anywhere in Tasmania to chat with staff about their legal obligations (including topics such as mandatory reporting or privacy and confidentiality) or to chat to a group of clients or your community group about different topics.

We can offer sessions that target your particular needs, and to suit the audience.  Whether it be talking to a group of young mums about legal concerns relating to their children, such as parenting arrangements, birth certificates or child support, or conducting a session with an older community group regarding wills and estates, or queries about the role of a grandparent.

We welcome interactive sessions within our groups and are happy to discuss any legal topics or questions that are raised.  Our sessions can be as formal or as informal as you would like.

If you can think of a group of people that would benefit from the explanation of a certain area of law please contact us to discuss and book a session.