Guys Gotta Know launches this week

The Women’s Legal Service Tasmania, in conjunction with AFL Tasmania and the Clarence Football Club launched Guys Gotta Know, a legal information mobile website for Tasmania’s young men at Blundstone Arena today.

Following on from the success of Girls Gotta Know, Women’s Legal Service Tasmania CEO Susan Fahey said that the service decided to develop a similar resource for young men.

“When we launched Girls Gotta Know so many women said to us “Well that’s great, but what about my son or grandson? Where’s the site for him?”  We looked at it and said “challenge accepted”.”

Guys Gotta Know contains an extensive list of categories of legal information topics ranging from housing to partying, respectful relationships to employment issues and many, many more.

“Central to our philosophy is that knowledge is power. We strongly believe that all young Tasmanians should have access to the best possible legal information and knowledge, and for that reason we were pleased to produce this resource.” Ms Fahey said.

Guys Gotta Know provides links to other organisations and resources along with information as to where guys can find further help if they need it.

AFL Tasmania CEO Scott Wade said, “Tassie footy is proud to be associated with resources such as Girls Gotta Know and Guys Gotta Know and to be able to promote them to the many young Tasmanian guys and girls playing our great game.”