Houston’s Farms Leading the Way with Family Violence Leave

Tasmanian salad producer, Houston’s Farm is proud to be the first private business in the state to offer paid leave to employees affected by domestic violence. This leave is being offered to both the victims of domestic violence, and those who are accused of perpetrating it.

Whilst support for victims of domestic violence has been a part of Houston’s EBA, the new provisions offering support to both the victims and the accused is industry leading according to Susan Fahey, CEO of the Women’s Legal Service.

An employee of Houston’s  who has experienced domestic violence will be entitled to special leave with pay in order to attend to medical appointments, legal proceedings, counselling, organising alternative accommodation and other related activities. The amount of paid leave will be negotiated on a case by case basis according to the need and is over and above the normal leave entitlements.

“Domestic Violence is something that affects not only the victims, but has far reaching effects on entire families. By being open about the issue and supportive of the entire family; the victims and the accused, we hope to provide an opportunity for early recognition of the problem, counselling and even rehabilitation, ” said Tony Baker, General Manager People and Safety, Houston’s Farm.

“In Tasmania, there are on average, 50 reports of domestic violence each week. As an employer of some 220 employees, we share a responsibility to recognise and respond to this issue” he said.

Ms Fahey welcomed the announcement by Houston’s Farm saying “We were delighted to work with this iconic Tasmanian company who were committed to improving their already good family violence leave provisions to make them exemplary. We hope Houston’s leadership in this area is followed quickly by other employers across all sectors.  Family violence is a scourge in our community and Houston’s Farm’s care, commitment and consideration for all their employees who may be dealing with it is a credit to them”.

For all Houston’s Farm media enquiries please refer to Vanessa Ford Mob: 0429 950 350 or for the Women’s Legal Service contact Susan Fahey, CEO.        

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