Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill Passes

On Thursday 21st November 2013 the Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill was passed with minor amendments by the Legislative Council. Later that day the Bill was passed unopposed in the House of Assembly meaning that at a date to be announced it will become law.

The passage of this Bill is a significant event as it makes Tasmania only the third state to decriminalise abortion in Australia and the first state to implement an “access zone” or no protest zone around clinics providing termination of pregnancy services.

WLS recognises that there are many different ethical and moral views on the termination of pregnancy and we respect all such views, however it is our firm position that all women should have full control over decisions concerning their body. WLS especially believes that women making what can be the hardest decision they will ever face should be able to do so without harassment, shame or stigma and this legislation reflects that position.