We know we’ve been a little quiet…

We know we’ve been uncharacteristically quiet of late… but that is about to change.

Over the past little while we have expanded. A lot.

Around two years ago we received Commonwealth funding to open a Domestic Violence Unit on the North West Coast of Tasmania. We’ve done that and we now have two lawyers and an admin officer happily working away across the north west and west coast of Tasmania.

Then we received funding from the Tasmanian Government under their Family Violence Action Plan to start working in Launceston and the North East of Tasmania.

The Commonwealth then extended their funding for the North West DVU to do some work in Launceston and the Tasmanian Government continued their funding for two years. This has allowed us to open a full time Domestic Violence Unit in Launceston, servicing Launceston and the North East.

We now have to lawyers and an admin officer in Launceston.

This expansion from our southern (but statewide) operations in Hobart means we have been incredibly busy getting doors open, recruiting new and fabulous staff, training everyone and generally restructuring and examining how we do things.

Throughout all this time though we have been delivering our usual high quality services to our clients, engaging stakeholders and ensuring that we do the best possible work we can.

So if you are one of the people who think we’ve been a bit quiet… watch this space!