We Need to Talk: Family Violence in Our Community

We Need to Talk: Family Violence in Our Community

A TasCOSS Event

Tuesday 4 Aug 2015 8/4/2015

DATE                 4 Aug
TIME                 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
LOCATION        Hobart City Hall

The statistics are beyond alarming.

Tasmania Police get more than 50 family violence calls each week while women’s legal services estimate the actual incidence is likely two to three times that. And shelters report helping up to 90 women to find refuge each month.
• Would you recognise family violence?
• How can we help friends and family confronted by it?
• And how can we bring this ‘family matter’ out in the open?

Join Rosie Batty as part of a panel discussion about how Tasmanians can recognise family violence and support our friends, families and communities to stand up against it.

The panel, hosted by ABC journalist Airlie Ward, will explore why this is an important conversation for the whole community.

Matt Deighton, Editor, The Mercury
Susan Fahey, CEO & Principal Solicitor, Women’s Legal Service Tasmania Inc
Commissioner Darren Hine, Tasmania Police
Alina Thomas, EO, S.H.E. (Support Help & Empowerment Inc) – Say NO to violence against women.

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